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The basket of goodies was very much appreciated. All information, data, and images contained on any page of this site are copyrighted by RaysWeather.

A few minutes later, a massive thunderstorm hit us and we had to slide back to Enjoyable weekend packs and put on rain gear.

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I was even more motivated to close the distance on a big bull than before. We saw a ewe and lamb just out of camp. The house was spotlessly clean and it was a lovely touch to have some bread, milk, eggs, cake etc for our arrival.

Time for a boat ride At this point, it really seemed like more of a rescue mission than a routine pickup after a successful sheep hunt.

As you can see here, we are on the wrong side of a very deep and fast-moving river. Victoria, September We really enjoyed our time at the house. The family and friends actually said wow on numerous occasions!! Zack Walton Dall Sheep He is a beautiful 9-and-a-half-year-old ram, broomed heavy on one side and lamb-tipped on the other.

We covered more than 75 miles over the 9 days and were lucky to Enjoyable weekend a beautiful 9-year-old ram on the last day. The problem was, he joined up with Fancy and somehow convinced him to walk straight to the back of an inaccessible bowl that was filled with nothing but boulders for a mile in each direction.

A month later, I placed a tag on my first mountain goat. There was a full moon and it was a gorgeous night. I would not hesitate to suggest the property to friends and family! Outside of having a trophy photo with a truck in the background, it is extremely hard for the average person to distinguish the difference between a true free-range bison hunt and a ranch hunt on a small pasture.

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I had to know more information! Soon, we were between yards from several bison that were bedded or feeding, waiting to see if a mature bull was in the herd.

Michael, June Upon arriving at Hillside House we were completely blown away by how amazing this house actually is. At the time, he was the only bowhunter to record five archery deer slams. I was shocked because I had seen several videos of bowhunters on the reservation over the years, and it seemed they had killed several bulls with archery equipment.

They were close to two miles away! All in all, this is a fantastic place for a family holiday and we had a great time.

An Enjoyable Weekend

Dean, August We had a lovely weekend at Cherry House, the house was amazing and even more 'wow' than the pictures - so we were delighted. Although only three days, my experience on the Crow Indian Reservation was action-packed and very unique.

Disney world is the biggest family oriented attraction in the world welcoming millions of visitors each year. We made the descent down a sketchy sheep trail, then filled our water bladders and added the necessary weight to our packs and climbed the steep ridgeline right to the top.

This place is beautiful all year around and probably most hours of the day. Then, another mile up the ridge, we ran into a large group of ewes and lambs. Winter brings extreme skiers and summer brings extreme bikers so this one is a year round adventure.

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What is better than a free beer while flying?? These idols often were not famous, couldn't hit a baseball feet and probably wouldn't last very long with a bull chasing them. Home sweet home Home for the next several days would be this KUIU Mountain Star, 2-man tent — adequately sized for one average-sized male, but we would make it work for the two of us and our gear.

Come with your cameras because pictures are allowed but also sit down for a coffee and a Portugese cake. The one thing I disliked was the old decrepit lift chairs, but you can rest assured if they decide to upgrade those lift chairs then expect the prices of lift tickets to go thru the roof.

The furniture and accessory have that vintage touch, which I found quite unique and surprising. Martin, October Your company title says it all Wow! For the latter, we were in a great location.Whether you are someone that takes spontaneous vacations or you plan your getaways a year in advance, finding that perfect location to enjoy a weekend getaway can be extremely difficult at times.

An enjoyable activity and great experience in the town of Royal Windsor uk, Paddling on the River Thames with Canoe and Kayak Tours. Seeing Windsor Castle from the River is a whole new experience. Thames Tours, Windsor Kayak and Windsor canoeing. Things to do with adults, Travel with children, Fantastic outdoor adventure, we welcome birthday parties, corporate events and school groups.

Put S for Subordinate Clauses, and I for Independent Clauses. 1. We had an enjoyable weekend when we spent two days on Lloyd's farm. We had an enjoyable weekend is. How to wish someone for the upcoming weekend [closed] up vote 8 down vote favorite. 2. Is it correct to say "Wish you a happy weekend" or should I say "Wishing you a happy weekend"?

Neither Wishing you a happy weekend nor Wish you a happy weekend would be used in normal conversation. I didn’t travel to Porto for its wine, nor did I travel to Porto for its delicious sea food, or its beautiful churches and towers all covered in Azule tiles. I traveled to Porto mostly because I had an image in my mind of colorful low-rise buildings streaming down the hills all the way to the river ; an image I had to see in my own eyes and shoot with my camera.

A friendly, modern club in an historical setting. Theydon Bois is one of the oldest golf clubs in Essex, right in the heart of Epping Forest. Founded in and designed in part by the renowned James Braid, at Theydon you’ll find a traditional forest course which is a delight to .

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