Moving to a new home

Keep your cat indoors for the first few days, ideally confined to a single room but provide all the comforts they are used to having, including a number of items from their old life to keep them calm.

You do have the household inventory you prepared or received during the moving preparations, right? It will also help you organize as you pack and move.

Moving to New Home Checklist – House or Apartment

Feed your cat a very small breakfast on moving day to reduce stomach upset. Be sure to clearly label everything as you go and keep objects separated by where they are generally used or stored. Everything should be dust-free, polished and shiny: After you move everything out, you will need to lock up your old home and turn in the keys.

Notify Family, Friends, and Neighbors While you are in the process of having your address officially changed, go ahead and email your neighbors, friends, and family your new address too. Before your movers leave, you want to make sure nothing was damaged or broken in the move, and if it was, contact the moving company and ask them to reimburse you or deduct the cost of replacing the item from your moving bill.

Be sure to have a cooler or two on hand to keep refrigerated items cold that you plan on transporting during the move. Check each moving box against the detailed list as it is carried inside your new home, and if a box or a household item happens to be missing, notify the moving crew right away and check together if it was left in the moving truck by mistake.

Posted Moving to a new home Moving Checklists The faster you start with your checklist, the smoother your overall moving experience will be Moving to your newly purchased or rented home has a few stages.

Stick closely to his regular schedule for feeding, play and attention. Liquor stores and cardboard recycling centers are a great source for free boxes ; just call ahead to ask them to reserve them for you. Be on the phone with real estate agents and family every day Have people over often for showing any time of the day Deal with attorneys and their lingo and documents Visit showings and open houses looking for the new house Have your credit report with you and money in the bank for down payment Arrange for a home inspection of your current and future home Ask as many question as needed when wondering about a real estate term Negotiate, Negotiate and Negotiate the best deal and then move on the closing Do a final walk through your old and new houses; sit and read the closing deal Once you settle on a final closing deal, turn to your moving to the new house checklist Moving To The New Home Checklist Ask the professionals about the packing costs in advance.

Lights Out and Lock Up Once you have completed that final walk through and said your goodbyesit is time to lock up and head out.

Adequate preparation in the event of a disaster can make a world of difference in the outcome. You do not have to miss work to move, but you should keep in mind that weekend and holiday rates for moving companies are always higher. Then, over a week or two, gradually move the dish toward the back of the carrier so your cat has to step a little further inside each day.

The Day Before the Move You can do it quickly from this website. Change of Address If you want to receive your mail and not inundate the new residents of your old homeofficially changing your address with the United States Postal Service is an important step to remember.

Make sure you review and practice your plan, and do not forget to review proper fire safety practices. Decide whether you are doing it all by yourself or you will let them pack. Alternatively, you can keep the home-base litter box but gradually transfer it to a preferable location.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect window treatments for your home. You will feel much more at home when you have had a chance to set up your house the way you want it to look and are no longer living out of boxes.

Preparation Allow your cat time to get used to his carrier. You can also use moving as an excuse to ask for people to return anything you have lent out. Keeping your cat in one room will also make it easy for him to find his litter box, food and water.

Just monitor your pet closely if they seem depressed, refuse to eat or exhibit unusual behavior after a move. This is also the time to start enlisting the help of friends and family with a moving save-the-dateso they can plan for and be prepared to help you move.

Moving to a New Home with a Cat

You can include your contact information as well, so they will be able to reach you or send along any mail they come across, if necessary. Moving To Do List Get Organized Make the most of your post-move time by creating a detailed to-do list and sticking to it.

Here are some tips on how to install your new toilet seats.

21 Things To Do After Moving Into A New House

Do not try to unpack everything at once; you can organize as you go without feeling overwhelmed.You bought the house and circled “moving day” on the calendar. Before you get settled in, there are five things you need to do to your new home immediately.

The No. 1 task: Change the locks. Reconfirm the moving company’s arrival time and other specifics and make sure you have prepared exact, written directions to your new home for the staff.

Include contact information, such as. Sep 19,  · Welcome to your new home! While unpacking and sorting through the boxes may seem like a huge task, feeling settled into rooms in your home will make all the work worth it.

First thing: Change the locks. You bought the house and circled “moving day” on the calendar. Before you get settled in, there are five things you need to do to your new home immediately. Plan a Seamless Move with our Helpful Moving Checklist.

Moving is often considered one of life’s most stressful moments — a designation that makes sense when you consider everything that’s involved. To help eliminate stress, we’ve created a printable moving checklist that outlines all the things to do when moving. Clean the new home Location: Old Greenwood Road, Fort Smith,AR.

Moving a cat to a new house involves three basic aspects: pre-move preparations, the move itself and settling into the new home. All three sections below apply to a move with a resident pet. The third section is most important if you’re only trying to integrate a new cat into your existing household.

Moving to a new home
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