Traffic problems essay

Solutions for traffic problems - using public transportation system

They have to stop on the way. Traffic system tells that if there are many people want to cross the crosswalk the red light in the traffic signal will be longer because those people are much more than cars. The man has become lazy by using the means of this traffic, they also use the car in less distance.

Studies say that in United States every year around people died from traffic jams and truck accidents it means 12 percent of all truck accidents end up killing at least one person, if not more.

Ship,motor boat, cruise Road traffic 6 wheeler vehicle truck, bus, 4 wheeler car, jeep, taxi, auto rickshaw, hand rickshaw, bicycle,the train etc. The patients do not get medical aid in time. They should visit the big cities as an ordinary citizen.

It is kind of haste to having an own car in the crowded cities. Tell a little more about the situation in the second sentence, and then write the third sentence Traffic may cause chemical pollution and also sound pollution. In order to make large airports, The forests began to be destroyed.

Traffic Problems Essay for Children and Students

To achieve this goal, we can return part of the taxes belong to the people who used metro for a year, or a family who have just one family car.

In the cruise nowadays, people also organize parties, which have different experiences. Small boats have taken the place of bigger ship, cruise today. This has generated the traffic problem. As a result of the traffic jams, the flow of traffic is halted. Studies say there are cars here for every thousand Americans it means a little more than two people for every car!

In the big cities, a lot of transportation is available there. In rush-hours downtown gets much crowding and many accidents. From low prices to hundreds of crores of cars, people can buy it according to their status.

Solutions for traffic problems - using public transportation system

Air Pollution started to increase. And whatever comes once in the mind of the person remains the same. Increasing fare prices, especially on the trains, make driving a car with its associated high fuel costs cheaper than public transport. A good engineer should be appointed, which does not have any technical difficulties.

The roads should be widened and put in a good shape. Also those drivers make an accident because of this behavior. Having an own car in the crowded cities can be one of the worst problems that traffic has.

At present, taxes are already high for a lot of people, and so further taxes would only mean less money at the end of the month for most people who may have no choice but to drive every day. Cities are forced to work with the routes they already have. They have to stop on the way.

Traffic congestion has eased in recent years as a result of growing unemployment and the introduction of more flexible work hours. There are lots of companies with a large number of employees in this area. Humans have made unprecedented development in every field, Vehicle is also not untouched by it.

Traffic jams make the march of life slow and unsteady.

Traffic Problems

Sign up with your email address to receive updates about our academic and athletic achievements. Hopefully, my view will help you Discussion. Cars, jeeps, vans, buses and other cars run on the road, making our life easier.

Metro trains are also found in many parts of the country. Sometimes, the traffic is jammed for hours together. From low prices to hundreds of crores of cars, people can buy it according to their status. A single street with a lane on each side before might not suffice in ten years after the population has increased.

Train is the easiest, comfortable, less expensive tool of traffic. The children are delayed to reach the school. For example, we often see old buses and trains that people would rather not use.Essay on Traffic Problem and Solution Though we are benefitted by the means of traffic, the problems faced by them and their solutions have been explained in detail below.

A unique example of the wonders of air traffic science is the aerospace. Below are some ideas for the following IELTS writing task 2 essay question.

Traffic Problems Essay for Children and Students

Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. Students can write the same essay under the question, Essay on Traffic Problems, an essay on traffic, Traffic Problems in a Big City Essay, Essay on Traffic Jam and also can use the name of any city instead of writing big city if asked in the question.

The causes of traffic problems and few measures to resolve those problems are discussed throughout this essay. Firstly, over the years, people mentality is changed a.

IELTS traffic essay

Traffic Problems in Big Cities Essay Traffic problems in big cities. In last few years the population of the world is increasing day by day and people are facing traffic problems in big cities. Cause & Effect Essay: Traffic Problems of a Big City Cities like New York, London, and Paris have all had to deal with thousands of cars running through their streets each day.

Traffic congestion is a big problem for everyone within the city.

Traffic problems essay
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